Wellbeing and Self Care Clinic

We now have a Wellbeing & Self Care clinic.

Self Care Coordinators provide this service for people aged 18+ in your practice to help you to manage the things in your life that may affect your health and wellbeing. They have time to listen, explore options and help you to work towards your goals.

The Self Care Coordinator is someone who:

  • You can talk to confidentially
  • Gives you one to one support to help you manage your own health and wellbeing
  • Can link you to local services and support
  • Can provide you with techniques and online tools you can build into day to day living
– Long Term Conditions such as asthma, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, hypertension
– Lifestyle e.g. diet, physical activity, weight management
– Finance
– Relationships
– Housing
– Employment
– Loneliness
– Social isolation
– Caring issues